Applied Space Res.

§ 8.3.4 Applied Space Resources, Inc. (ASR)

An interesting newcomer to the field, and one of the most interesting companies of all, is Applied Space Resources, Inc. You should stay tuned to their evolving website at

Founded in January, 1998, after being organized in 1997, they announced their intention to develop lunar resources as a private sector company. They are very professional and kind people. Since their original announcement, they have expanded their general scope to near Earth resources, implicitly including asteroidal materials, though it is my sense that they are much more interested in lunar materials at the moment.

Their main thrust is a lunar sample return mission, which they are trying to gain investment for. Entities interested in lunar mining may be willing to contract to ASR to bring back one or more sample collections from a place of interest for mining. The same business model could be used to sample asteroidal materials as well.

They state:

"ASR is developing a core competency in the use of existing technologies for the development of resources in near-Earth space."

They appear highly competent in marketing and financing, the element that the space resources community is weak in. ASR is interested in working with the technical people in this community. Looks like a long needed matchmaking service. They have also expressed that they are not interested in government subsidies, which would help break a long-standing dependency.

ASR also has an excellent electronic newsletter called InnerResources, distributed for free by e-mail.

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